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Hyperthermia Management. Safe and Effective Cooling.

POLAR SKIN™ COMPREHENSIVE COOLING SYSTEM is effective in cooling individuals experiencing hyperthermia as a result of exercise. The rate of core temperature cooling was slightly better than a similar study that used cold-water immersion. The POLAR SKIN™ COMPREHENSIVE COOLING SYSTEM protocol developed for the present study created a total core temperature reduction of 1.0±0.2°C in 20 minutes (0.05°C/min), which is comparable to data from cold water immersion. Additionally, the maintenance or reestablishment of a thermal gradient between core temperature and skin temperature increases the ability of the body to offload heat. This increasing delta is critical in the removal of heat from the core to the environment and critical to the continued reduction in core temperature. Finally, it is reasonable to expect a higher rate of cooling as core temperature approaches critical levels (40°C and higher).

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