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PolarSkin Ice Pads

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Fresh out of the military in 2012, I founded the company that invented PolarSkin in 2013. The purpose was to fix a problem. Addressing exertional heat injuries in remote areas. PolarSkin Ice Sheets helped medics to treat EHI immediately and continuing through an evacuation if warranted. It is hard to believe that almost eight years has gone by and PolarSkin still continues to grow.

Even a blockhead like me learns a few things over the years. When we started this adventure, little did we know that our resolve to make our products even better would take us into the worlds of material sciences, machine learning and sewing. To work with people around the globe. Oh well.

We busted our collective &%% and found some otherwise unused grey matter to radically improve cooling. We did this while reducing carrying weight, shrinking the packaging size. Better efficacy, lighter, smaller. The PolarSkin Ice Pad will be shaped to maximize effectiveness for specific parts of the anatomy.

The @polarskin family and I thank you. Rock on.

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