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What is a Heat Casualty?

A Heat Casualty is a victim of a Heat Related Injury.

A Heat Related Injury falls in a spectrum of disorders related to hot environmental exposure. The spectrum of disorders include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat edema, heat cramps, and heat rash. For reference: a victim of heat stroke is a critical heat casualty.

Heat stroke or sun stroke are a severe heat related illness. Really severe.

Is heat stroke dangerous?

Yes, heat stroke also known as sun stroke is a severe heat illness. Heat stroke results in an internal/core body temperature of 104°F(40°C). Heat strokes are life threatening conditions. If treatment is delayed, the victim could develop organ damage, become unconscious and even have organ failure. In the absence of prompt intervention, heatstroke can be fatal. Unlike most common injuries, a heat stroke requires immediate intervention. Heat Stroke is a timed event. Losing this race is not advised!

What are the symptoms of a heat stroke?

Heat stroke often manifest with a body temperature of greater than 105°F and often with cognitive disorientation. Note: high body temperature does not necessarily indicate a heat stroke. An example is people engaging in endurance sports. A sub-type of heat stroke called exertional heat stroke is more accurately diagnosed based symptoms rather than just a specific temperature threshold. There is commonly a noticeable lack of sweating in classic heatstroke, while sweating is usually present in exertional heatstroke.

First symptoms of heat stroke can include behavioral changes, confusion, odd behavior, dizziness, weakness, agitated, being combative, slurred speech, nausea, and vomiting. There are additional symptoms as well. *With an exertional heat stroke the victim may sweat profusely.

What can happen if a victim has a heat stroke and treatment is delayed or inadequate?

If treatment is delayed, the victim could develop vital organ damage, unconsciousness and even organ failure. In the absence of prompt and adequate treatment, heatstroke can be fatal. The clock starts when it starts. Prompt intervention required.

This all sound terrible and it is. However, if prompt and adequate intervention do occur the likelihood of a negative outcome is small. Stay cool people. Train like your serious as always. Happy New Year 2021. #heatstrokehelp #heatstrokemedic #beattheheat

PS: Don't let a heat stroke be your black swan event.

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