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(C.O.R.E.) = Cooling Outside of Regular Environments

Polar Skin C.O.R.E is a revolutionary cooling pack that eliminates the thick plastic, insulative layers associated with traditional gel-pack ice pads.  This allows the C.O.R.E pack to remove more heat, faster through combined conduction, convention and evaporative cooling.  A proprietary material included inside the C.O.R.E pack takes advantage of the energy associated with phase changes.  When frozen this material is a flexible solid, which has a melting temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the pack is applied to an overheated body it begins to quickly absorb heat, as this inner layer warms up and approaches the 75 degree mark this material begins to melt, this melting requires more energy which comes from the overheated body.  Final step in the phase change is when the solid has become fully liquid, this step now completes the conductive path through the C.O.R.E pack allowing evaporative and convection cooling to become the major driving force in removing heat from the body.  

This unique construction of the Polar Skin C.O.R.E cooling pack along with Arctic Aqua allow for a pack that has excellent heat conductivity along with breathability.  Ensuring there is no thick plastic or rubber materials that are "impermeable" is key to preventing burns from the pack being applied directly to the skin.  The materials and construction methods chosen for the C.O.R.E. pack allow for quicker heat removal while being lighter and much thinner than other cooling packs.  So remember when looking for a field serviceable cooling solution for your heat emergencies, that the Polar Skin C.O.R.E cooling pack is lighter, thinner, and more effective at removing heat quickly!

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