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Human and Materials Testing


Montana Study

PolarSkin Human Study

Core temperature (Figure 2) fell 1.0±0.2°C (0.05°C/min) during the 20-minute recovery period with each 5-minute interval measure demonstrating significantly lower values from the previous interval.


Tennessee Study

PolarSkin Materials Study

Liquid absorption capacity measurement clearly showed that Mini-Mesh picks up about 250% more moisture than that absorbed by cotton sheet. Although initial absorption rate is slower with Mini-Mesh, the overall moisture absorption is very high. The absorption capacity of Mini-Mesh with arctic aqua is also high comparable to that of water absorption (Figure 2). The wicking rate is very high for Mini-Mesh compared to that for cotton sheet as seen from the data in Figure 3. This is due to the highly porous structure of the Mini-Mesh fabric.

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