What is a Heat Casualty?

A Heat Casualty is a victim of a Heat Related Injury. A Heat Related Injury falls in a spectrum of disorders related to hot environmental exposure. The spectrum of disorders include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat edema, heat cramps, and heat rash. For reference: a victim of heat stroke is a critical heat casualty. Heat stroke or sun stroke are a severe heat related illness. Really severe. Is heat stroke dangerous? Yes, heat stroke also known as sun stroke

Sliding on Ice

#PolarSkin PolarSkin Ice Sheets work for the same reason you can slide on ice. Sort of. Water is a phase change material with a melting point of 32F. Just above this, at 33F, it's a liquid, and just below at 31F it's a solid. Elementary science? Nope Sliding on ice becomes less of an issue as the temperature falls well past 32F. Why? First, assume that an object (let's use a tire) is the same temperature as the snow and ice. As the tires pass over the snow and ice you